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Unit 7 – Transportation ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 7: Transportation - by car Objectives: To teach ESL/EFL beginners to talk about different means of transportation. To learn to use the question format ‘How do you come…?’ for asking about transportation. To learn [...]

Unit 6 – Toys ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 6: Toys – Where is my robot? Objectives: Teach ESL/EFL beginners to ask and answer questions about the location of objects. Teach three frequently used prepositions of place – in, under, on. Build vocabulary [...]

Unit 4 : Actions English Lesson

Unit 4: I can jump Objectives: Teach ESL/EFL young learners a number of action verbs. Learn to use the modal verb ‘can’ and ‘cannot’ or ‘can’t’ followed by an action verb to talk about ability. [...]

Unit 9 : Family – Kids English Lesson

Unit 9: This is my father Objectives: This Kids English lesson will teach English learners essential vocabulary on family members ESL/EFL learners will also learn to use the possessive adjective ‘my’ to talk about people [...]