Teaching Resources

This page contains teaching materials to go with most lessons, arranged by topic. Teachers will find fully planned PowerPoint Lessons, Printable Worksheets and Flashcards for use in ESL classroom teaching. Together with our courses these resources provide the most formidable blended English teaching materials for kids lessons.

Our program features well-crafted PPT lessons and PPT Flashcards which are an essential resource for classroom teaching. Download and use them for your classroom teaching.

Our worksheets are very well aligned with our courses. They are useful for offline classroom teaching and practice. Teachers may also assign them as homework handouts. Download now

Print and use our flashcards for classroom games and face-to-face teaching. Flashcards are vital to all kids ESL lessons and we have you covered. Begin downloading and using them today.



English Games for Kids

Find many fun games for children to learn English. There are word games, sentence games, vocabulary puzzles and more to learn new English words, grammar and sentence patterns.

Worksheets for Kids' English

Free worksheets for reviewing vocabulary, grammar and sentences. There are handwriting worksheets, crossword puzzles, matching exercises, gap fill and text maze reading exercises.

Children's English Songs

Find catchy kid's English songs for your lessons. The songs are great for reviewing the lessons and help children learn key sentence structures and new words quickly. More songs coming soon.