About FredisaLearns™

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FredisaLearns™ is a multi-level English language program for children between the ages of 4 to 12 built around a cast of 'froggy' characters who live in Freddie’s Ville. Each course features 9 to 11 kids' English lessons online. Every lesson is a specific language theme. A theme develops your child's English vocabulary, grammar, spelling and communicative skills around a topic. The English lessons feature:

  • cartoon animated short dialogue English videos
  • kids' English vocabulary, grammar and sentences videos
  • fun English games for kids to review every lesson
  • English level tests for kids by topic

All learning is tracked on our learning management system (LMS), enabling educators to monitor learners' progress. Studies show that learning English online for kids in a blended learning approach produces better results. Run English classes for children using our program. Why not browse our courses for more details or simply take a video tour?

Kids' English Courses

Starter 1 Course

English Starter 1

This is the absolute beginner basic English course for ESL kids.

Starter 2 Course

English Starter 2

This is the second absolute beginner basic English course for ESL children.

Level 1 Course

English Level 1

This is a beginner English course for ESL kids who have basic skills already.

Level 2 Course

English Level 2

This is a second beginner children's English course that builds on basic skills.

Level 3 Course

English Level 3

This is an elementary English course for children with beginner ESL/EFL skills.

Level 4 Course

English Level 4

This is a transitional elementary to pre-intermediate English course for ESL kids.

Level 5 Course

English Level 5

This is a pre-intermediate English course for ESL children.

Level 6 Course

level 6 English

This is a pre-intermediate and intermediate English course for ESL kids.

Level 7 Course

level 7 English

This is an intermediate English course for children.

Worksheets for Each Lesson

worksheets fredisalearns

There are printable worksheet exercises to go with every lesson. You will never run out of resources. Access lessons and worksheets here

Free Resources


English Games for Kids

Find many fun games for children to learn English. There are word games, sentence games, vocabulary puzzles and more to learn new English words, grammar and sentence patterns.

Worksheets for Kids' English

Free worksheets for reviewing vocabulary, grammar and sentences. There are handwriting worksheets, crossword puzzles, matching exercises, gap fill and text maze reading exercises.

Children's English Songs

Find catchy kid's English songs for your lessons. The songs are great for reviewing the lessons and help children learn key sentence structures and new words quickly. More songs coming soon.