Unit 3: Art Class (Stationery)


  • This lesson teaches learners how to make simple and polite requests in English.
  • This kids English lesson will teach kids how to use the imperative mood to make simple requests and commands.
  • Children will also learn to associate school supplies with action verbs they are often used with.
  • It also focuses on using modal verbs 'may' and 'can' to make requests sound more polite.

Main Lesson Materials & Study Steps

art-class video lesson

1st –This cartoon animated video features a short dialogue, followed by vocabulary and sentence breakdown. It is essential for introducing the words, phrases, grammar, spelling and sentences of the lesson in context. Watch repeatedly to master the content. The video plays on any device.

art-class game

2nd – Then the student plays this fun game after watching the video, to practice the contents of the lesson. The game reviews key vocabulary, grammar and sentences from the lessons. This game can be played on any device.

art-class test

3rd – Finally the learner takes this test of the unit. The score of this test is captured in the LMS and gives educators an idea of how well their learner is doing. The test opens on any device – mobile & PC.

Worksheets for the Unit

The worksheets below are useful for offline and classroom activities. These printable exercises directly correlate with the above lesson 'Art Class'. Every worksheet comes with an answer sheet on the second page for educators.

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Lesson Story:

Freddie, Sally, and Bob are in an Art lesson with Miss Sue. Freddie forgot his pencil box and needs to borrow these materials to draw, color and stick his shark on the board. He makes some polite requests in the process.


 eraser, glue, crayons, pencil, pen, pencil box, scissors, pass, give, cut, draw, book, paper etc.

Key Sentences/Grammar

  • What picture are we going to draw?
  • We are going to draw a big shark.
  • I forgot my pencil box.
  • I have an extra pencil.
  • Pass me the crayons, please.
  • Cut out your sharks and stick them on the board.
  • Draw your shark's head again, Bob.
  • Can I use your crayons, please?
  • May I borrow your scissors?

Modal Verbs for Polite Questions:

  • Can I use your crayon?
  • May I borrow your scissors?

Imperatives for giving commands and making requests

  • Pass me the pencil.
  • Give me the eraser.  
  • Draw a shark.  
  • Cut out your shark.

Action verbs & School Supplies Noun Association

  • We draw with a pencil.
  • We color with crayons.

This lesson is part of the Level 2 English course.

Download Level 2 Course Manual

Welcome to art class, where you'll learn how to make your artistic dreams come true! In this lesson, we'll be focusing on something equally important: learning how to make polite requests. After all, being polite is always the way to go!

You'll learn how to use the imperative mood to make simple requests and commands. Plus, you'll associate school supplies with action verbs they are often used with. Who knew stationery could be so exciting?

But wait, there's more! You'll also learn how to use modal verbs 'may' and 'can' to make requests sound even more polite. That way, you can ask for what you need in a way that shows you respect others and their time.

So get ready to sharpen your pencils, grab some paper, and let's get creative! With this lesson, you'll not only learn how to express yourself in art but also in a polite and respectful way.