Giving Directions Words & Sentences

  • Topic: Giving Directions Words & Sentences
  • Vocabulary:  straight, right, left, intersection, street, turn, places around, bank, park
  • Grammar:  Use question format 'Where is..?' to ask about location and 'How' for means guidance. Also learn to use prepositions of place to respond to questions related to places and location. In this lesson we also see the use of imperative sentences for giving instructions or directions.


Prepositions of Place for Directions
It's opposite the bus stop.
It's next to the restaurant.

Question Word Questions for Places and Location

  • Where is the stadium?
  • How do I get to the stadium?

Imperative Sentences to Give Instructions - imperative sentence usually begins with the base form of the verb.

  • Go straight.
  • Turn right.
  • Walk down Maple Street.

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