Unit 6: Young Scientist


  • This ESL kids lesson teaches English learners, new words and expressions related to the environment and environmental protection.
  • Students will learn to use verbs with the prefix ‘re-‘ to talk about protecting the environment - recycle, reuse and replant.
  • They will also review the use of the modal verb ‘should’, for giving advice.

Main Lesson Materials & Study Steps

young-scientist video lesson

1st –This cartoon animated video features a short dialogue, followed by vocabulary and sentence breakdown. It is essential for introducing the words, phrases, grammar, spelling and sentences of the lesson in context. Watch repeatedly to master the content. The video plays on any device.

young-scientist game

2nd – Then the student plays this fun game after watching the video, to practice the contents of the lesson. The game reviews key vocabulary, grammar and sentences from the lessons. This game can be played on any device.

young-scientist test

3rd – Finally the learner takes this test of the unit. The score of this test is captured in the LMS and gives educators an idea of how well their learner is doing. The test opens on any device – mobile & PC.

Worksheets for the Unit

The worksheets below are useful for offline and classroom activities. These printable exercises directly correlate with the above lesson 'Young Scientist Award'. Every worksheet comes with an answer sheet on the second page for educators.

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Lesson Story:

Freddie walks into the room and asks Lisa if she wants to watch TV. Lisa is too busy doing some work. She is preparing for the ‘Young Scientist Contest’. Lisa needs to come up with good ideas for protecting the environment in order to win the contest. They share some of the best ideas for protecting the environment. They also engage Mom in the idea generation process. Thanks to all the joint ideas from the family’s brainstorming, Lisa wins the contest.


green energy air
environment water
polluting solar panels
natural windmills
paper zero emission car
plastic Earth
waste scientist

Prefixes 're-' (again)

recycle waste
reuse waste
replant trees


Key Sentences:

Modals ‘Should’ & ‘Shouldn’t’ for Environmental Advice

1.          We should recycle waste.
2.          We should reuse waste.
3.          We should replant new trees.
4.          We should stop polluting the air and water.
5.          We should use zero emission cars.
6.          We should walk to school or ride our bikes.
7.          We shouldn't drive cars that pollute the air.
8.          We shouldn't dump waste into the oceans.


This lesson is part of the Level 6 English course.

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