Pets Lesson Words & Sentences

  • Topic: Pets Lesson Words & Sentences for ESL
  • Vocabulary:  turtle, iguana, cat, dog, parrot, gold fish, hamster, snake, frog, rabbit, personality adjectives - cute, friendly, lazy, quiet
  • Grammar:  This ESL grammar lesson will focus on using the subordinating conjunction 'because' to give reasons or further explanation for a choice.  Contrary to popular beliefs, we can start a sentence with 'because'.  The lesson will also introduce common personality adjectives.


Subordinating conjunction 'because'

  • I like dogs because they are friendly.
  • I don't like cats because they are lazy.

Adjectives (An adjective describes a noun. A personality adjective describes character and can be abstract.)

  •  a lazy cat
  • a friendly dog
  • a cute dog
  • a quiet rabbit