Places Around Lesson

  • Topic: Places Around ESL Lesson
  • Communication Objectives: This lesson will teach ESL students how to talk about places in the city. They will also learn to associate places around to people working in them and the actions people perform in different places.
  • Language Objectives:  This lesson will teach places vocabulary and action verbs related to things we do in different places and the people who work there.  Therefore, it is also a good lesson to review jobs vocabulary.

places around

  • Dialogue Story:  Freddie and Lisa are out in the city all by themselves. They go from one place to another. Lisa asks about different places in the city.
  • Sentence Structures:
    • A doctor works in a hospital.
    • A shop assistant works in a shopping mall.
    • A pilot works at the airport.
    • We send letters at the post office.
    • We buy books at the bookstore.

This lesson has a related vocabulary video. Click here to watch the vocabulary and grammar break down of this lesson.