Actions, Can, Can’t, Song

  • Song: Actions can and can’t song
  • Learning Objectives: This song will help learners review key words and phrases used when talking about action verbs and expressing ability using the modal verb – can.
  • Key phrases/sentences:  They can jump and swim. I can’t sing and fly like the birds. 
  • How to use: Turn on the music and the video. Let the students listen and watch once or twice. Break down the song and teach. To do that, tell students you will sing one part of each line and they will complete it.
  • Students' Line: Dolphins in the sea. 
    Teacher's Line: They can jump and swim.
    After this, change roles.
    Teacher's Line: They can swim, jump, stand like us. 
    Students' Line: They can do all three things.
    Keep doing this and before you know it, your learners will be singing the whole song without any help. That's how you get these phrases and sentences firmly implanted in their brains.

  • Why use songs in English Lessons?
  • Research has shown that young learners can absorb words and sentences twice as fast if they get to sing them. Songs also have the added advantage of reducing stress in the classroom. Every teacher knows that when students are less stressed, they learn better.