Counting One to Ten Sentences & Words

  • Topic: Learning to count from one to ten.
  • Vocabulary:  numbers - one, two, three, four, five, six, to ten, ducks
  • Grammar:  Numbers tend to function as adjectives which are used to describe things, especially when we ask using a description prompting question format ' How many..?' If we ask 'How many..?' we want a number description of the noun. We are also suggesting that the noun can be counted. We will also look at plural and singular forms of nouns. Usually we add 's' to turn nouns into plural form but it can be trickier with a few nouns as we will see.


Numbers & Countable Nouns

  • one apple / five  apples

Noun Plurals ending with 'S':

  • one pig / two pigs/ three pigs
  • one apple / two apples/ three apples

Plurals of Nouns Ending with 'ch/sh/x/s/' Add 'es':

  • one peach / two peaches/ three peaches
  • one dish / two dishes/ three dishes
  • one fox/ two foxes/ three foxes
  • one bus / two buses/ three buses
    Plural Nouns that Change the Vowel
  • mouse / mice
  • foot / feet