Counting One to Ten

  • Topic: counting one to ten
  • Communication Objectives: This lesson will teach kids to count from 1 - 10 and to ask to give information about numbers.
  • Language Objectives: To learn to use numbers to describe things. This lesson will also help kids learn to ask questions about numbers using the 'How many..?' question format.


  • Dialogue Story:  Freddie and his Lisa are sitting by a lake when out of the blue ducks appear on the lake. As the ducks appear one after other, the temptation of counting them is irresistible.
  • Sentence Structures:
    • How many ducks can you see?
    • I can see many ducks.
    • Let's count them.
    • There are seven ducks.

This lesson has a related vocabulary video. Click here to watch the vocabulary and grammar break down of this lesson.