Unit 10 : Days of the Week English Lesson

Unit 10: Days of the Week Objectives: This English lesson will teach ESL/EFL young learners how to talk about days of the week and activities we do during the week. They will learn the days [...]

Unit 9 : Telling Time Quarter Past ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 9: Telling Time – Quarter Past Objectives: This ESL kids lesson extends the previous lesson on telling time by including 'quarter to' and 'quarter ' The last lesson focused on ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’. [...]

Unit 8 – Telling Time O’Clock ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 8: Telling Time – O’clock Objectives: This lesson will teach ESL students how to tell the time English. This is the first lesson on telling the time in the most basic form using 'o'clock' [...]

Unit 7 – Health Sickness English Lesson

Unit 7: Sickness & Health Objectives: This English lesson will teach students how to talk about health problems and feelings of sickness/illness. Students will learn how to give advice and suggestions, using the modal verb [...]

Unit 6 – Directions Kids English Lesson

Unit 6: Directions Objectives: Children will learn how to ask for and give directions. English learners will learn how to ask for directions using the question formats 'Where is' and 'How do I get…?'. They [...]

Unit 5 – Months Dates ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 5: Months & Dates Objectives: In this lesson, ESL/EFL students will learn how to talk about months, dates and festivals. The focus will be on months of the year and dates on which different [...]

Unit 4 – Places Around English Lesson

Unit 4: Places Around Objectives: This lesson will teach ESL students how to talk about places in the city. They will also learn to associate places around to people working in them and the actions [...]

Unit 3 – Zoo Visit Kids English Lesson

Unit 3: Zoo Visit Objectives: This lesson teaches English learners how to describe animals by what they look like and what they eat. The lesson teaches ESL/EFL students zoo animal vocabulary and adjectives. They will [...]

Unit 2 – Sports ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 2: Sports Objectives: In this ESL kids lesson, students will learn to express a preference of different kinds of sports. Students will learn words and expressions used when talking about their favorite sports. It [...]

Unit 1 – Pets ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 1: Pets Objectives: The goal of this ESL kids lesson is to teach learners how to ask for and give reasons. They will learn vocabulary on pets and personality adjectives for describing pets. The [...]