Months, Festivals, Holidays, Ordinal Numbers, Sentence Monkey Game

  • Learning Objectives:  Review sentences and expressions  used when talking about months of the year, festivals, holiday and ordinal numbers in English. This game will also help learners contrast the use of cardinal vs. ordinal numbers (example: 22nd vs. 22)
  • How to play: Click play and listen to a sentence. Drag and drop the correct words to fill in the blank spaces below. If you are correct, the monkey gets a banana.  Help the monkey get a banana by getting the sentences right!
  • Vocabulary:  January, December, ordinal numbers, first, second, third, cardinal numbers 1 - 30  etc.
  • Sentence structure:   When is Christmas? Christmas is on December 25th.  
  • Educational goal:  Create opportunities for student-driven English learning. This game is great for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.