Unit 10 – After a Vacation – ESL Kids Lesson – Past Tense

Unit 10: After a Vacation Objectives: Give ESL kids more practice on the use of the simple past tense for talking about activities in the past The lesson places particular emphasis on the simple past tense [...]

Unit 9 – Fire Drill – ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 9: Fire Drill Objectives: Teach ESL kids how to be safe in the event of a fire. Learn new words related to fire safety, keeping safe. Learn how to use the conditional sentences to describe [...]

Unit 8 – Weather Forecast – ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 8: Weather Forecast Objectives: Teach ESL children how to understand weather forecasts and talk about weather conditions. The lesson also teaches ESL kids the use of future forms ‘will’ and ‘be going to do’ [...]

Unit 7 – Different Jobs – English Lesson

Unit 7: Different Jobs Objectives: This English lesson will expand kids' vocabulary on jobs and professions vocabulary. The students will also learn to talk about what people do in these jobs. The lesson reviews the [...]

Unit 6 – Young Scientist – Kids English Lesson

Unit 6: Young Scientist Objectives: This ESL kids lesson teaches English learners, new words and expressions related to the environment and environmental protection. Students will learn to use verbs with the prefix ‘re-‘ to talk about [...]

Unit 5 – Favorite Movies – English Lesson

Unit 5: Favorite Movies Objectives: This English lesson teaches ESL kids the names of different types of movies and how to describe movies. They will also learn how to express preference for different movies and give [...]

Unit 4 – Healthy Lifestyle – English Lesson

Unit 4: Healthy Lifestyle Objectives: Teach English learners how to talk about being healthy The lesson teaches ESL vocabulary related to health, body and exercise. This lesson also teaches ESL kids adjective + preposition combinations [...]

Unit 3 – World Travel Destinations – Kids English Lesson

Unit 3: World Travel Destinations Objectives: Teach ESL learners the names of the world’s most iconic structures and the countries in which they are found – Great Wall, Coliseum, Pyramids, Eiffel Tower etc. This English [...]

Unit 2 – Natural World – Kids English Lesson

Unit 2: Natural World Objectives: This English lesson teaches ESL kids vocabulary related to the natural world. Students will learn how to use comparatives and superlatives to describe things in the natural world. After this [...]

Unit 1- We Visited a Zoo – ESL Lesson

Unit 1: We Visited a Zoo Objectives: Teach ESL learners how to describe events that took place in the past This English lesson focuses on the use of the past simple tense. It also introduces [...]