Colors Lesson Sentences & Words

  • Topic: My favorite colors
  • Vocabulary:  yellow, red, orange, green, purple, pink, apple, like, favorite
  • Grammar:  This lesson on color will focus on expressing color preferences using adjectives of color. An adjective describes a noun - therefore colors are adjectives used to describe things (a yellow banana - What's yellow? A banana. The lesson also teaches learners how to use the verb 'to like' in the 3rd-person singular.


Adjectives(colors) Nouns (fruits):

  • a green(adj.)  apple (noun)
  • purple (adj.)  grapes (noun)
  • an orange (adj.)  orange (noun)  
  • a pink (adj.)  peach (noun)  

First-Person Singular:

  • What color do  you like?
  • like purple.

Third Person Singular:

  • What color does she like?
  • She likes purple.
  • Sally likes purple.

This lesson has a related dialogue video. Click here to watch the short dialogue related to this lesson.