Colors Lesson Dialogue

  • Topic: Colors description dialogue
  • Communication Objectives: Children will learn to describe things using colors. They will learn the necessary words and expressions used when description thinks. They will also learn to express preference for colors.
  • Language Objectives:  to learn to use adjectives of color to describe things and to express 'like' for different colors.


  • Dialogue Story:  Freddie, Lisa, Bob and Sally are at an orchard (fruit farm).  They are attracted to the colorful fruits on the farm and a conversation about color begins.
  • Sentence Structures:
    • This peach is pink.
    • What's your favorite color?
    • I like green.
    • Sally likes purple.
    • Those oranges are not yellow. They are orange.

This lesson has a related vocabulary video. Click here to watch the vocabulary and grammar break down of this lesson.