Food & Drinks Words & Sentences

  • Topic: Food & Drinks Words and Sentences
  • Vocabulary:  food and drink – sandwich, cake, pizza, ice cream, hamburger, bread, egg, hot dog, coke, lemonade, orange juice
  • Grammar:  We will learn to use the modal verb ‘would’ and the verb ‘want’ to order food. The modal verb ‘would’ is used to make requests sound more polite. We will also learn to use partitives ‘a bowl of’, ‘a piece of’.

food and drinks

Modal Verb ‘Would’ for Polite Requests

  • What would you like to eat?
  • I would like a burger.
  • I’d like a burger.

The verb ‘to want’ when ordering food

  • I want a burger.
  • He wants a burger.

Food Partitives for Quantities

  • a glass of orange juice
  • a piece of cheese
  • a bottle of coke
  • a carton of orange juice
  • a cup  of coffee
  • a slices of orange
  • a bowl of noodles
  • a bar of chocolate