This / These / That / Those Sentences / Words

  • Topic: Demonstrative pronouns - this, that, those, these and School Supplies
  • Vocabulary:  crayons, pencils, ruler, eraser, draw, write, pen, sharpener, notebook, pencil box, backpack
  • Grammar:  This lesson focuses on using demonstrative pronouns in sentences and questions. We will also learn to ask and answer questions using contractions.

this that these those

We use demonstrative pronouns to ask about things that are near or at a distance from the speaker.

Demonstrative pronouns singular

  • This: What's this?  ( for singular objects  that are near)
  • This: What's this?  ( for singular objects that are at a distance)

Demonstrative pronouns plural

  • These: What are these?  ( for plural objects  that are near)
  • Those: What are those?  ( for plural objects that are at a distance)

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