Unit 9 : Family – Kids English Lesson

Unit 9: This is my father Objectives: This Kids English lesson will teach English learners essential vocabulary on family members ESL/EFL learners will also learn to use the possessive adjective ‘my’ to talk about people [...]

Unit 8 : Body Parts – ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 8: It has big eyes Objectives: This ESL Kids lesson will teach English learners parts of the body and how to describe them using basic adjectives of size – big/small/long/short At the end of [...]

Unit 7 : What fruit is this? Kids English Lesson

Unit 7: What fruit is this? Objectives: EFL/ESL young learners will learn the names of fruits in English. Build essential vocabulary on fruits which will be useful in other lessons. Introduce the fact that singular [...]

Unit 5 : Greetings – How are you? ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 5: Greetings – How are you? Objectives: EFL/ESL young learners will learn to greet people in English and ask about their well-being. In ESL Kids lesson they will also learn to respond to basic [...]

Unit 4 : Colors – English Lesson

Unit 4: What color is it? Objectives: To teach ESL/EFL young learners names of colors in English. To enable learners give physical description of things by their color. To introduce contractions – what’s and it’s [...]

Unit 3 : What’s your name? Kids English Lesson

Unit 3: What's your name? Objectives: Teach ESL/EFL, young learners how to ask and answer questions about themselves – a self-introduction lesson. Teach English learners how to introduce themselves and give personal information in English [...]

Unit 2 : This/That – What’s this? ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 2: This/That – What’s this? Objectives: To teach ESL/EFL kids how to point and ask about things around them. To learn to answer questions about nouns in the singular. To learn the difference between the [...]

Unit 1 : Classroom Commands – ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 1: Classroom Commands Objectives: Teach ESL/EFL kids how to understand and respond to different classroom commands. Teach essential action verbs that students will need throughout their English study life. Learn to give and follow [...]

Unit 6 : Farm Animals English Lesson

Unit 6: Farm Animals Objectives: EFL/ESL young learners will learn the names of farm animals in English. To build essential vocabulary of animals which are common to a child’s world. Learn to ask simple questions [...]