Unit 11 : When I was – Kids English Lesson

Unit 11: When I Was Objectives: To teach ESL/EFL young learners how to talk about the past in the most basic form. To teach the simple past tense with a particular focus on auxiliary verbs [...]

Unit 10 : Shopping for Shoes English Lesson

Unit 10: Shopping for Shoes Objectives: Teach ESL/EFL young learners how to describe and compare things based on looks and price. To build vocabulary related to shopping and pricing. This English lesson focuses on adjectives relating to [...]

Unit 9 : Farm Mystery English Lesson

Unit 9: Farm Mystery Objectives: Teach children language used when talking about a mysterious phenomenon. EFL/ESL learners will learn how to use impersonal pronouns to talk about things or people who are yet to be [...]

Unit 8 : Emergencies ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 8: Emergencies Objectives: Teach ESL kids lesson how to talk about health emergencies in English. EFL/ESL learners will learn different ways of giving advice and instructions. Modal verbs such as ‘should’ and ‘must’ are [...]

Unit 7 : Countries Attractions English Lesson

Unit 7: Countries, Nationality, Attraction Objectives: Teach children the names of countries and how to introduce themselves by their nationality. For those whose countries are not mentioned in the lesson, it provides an opportunity for [...]

Unit 6 : Hobbies Kids English Lesson

Unit 6: Hobbies & Activities Objectives: Get learners describing their favorite pastime with this kids English lesson. Teach ESL/EFL learners how to describe activities, with a particular focus on summer outdoor activities. Teach gerunds which [...]

Unit 5 : Emotions ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 5: Emotions Objectives: Teach ESL kids lesson how to talk about feelings using adjectives of emotion. EFL/ESL learners will learn basic adjectives for describing an emotional state. Adjectives of emotion usually describe intangible sentiments. [...]

Unit 4 : Futurologist ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 4: Futurologist Objectives: Teach English learners how to talk about the future using the future tense. Teach ESL/EFL learners the use of ‘will’ and ‘might’ when talking about future possibilities. Teach English learners that [...]

Unit 3 : Marine Animals ESL Kids Lesson

Unit 3: Marine Animals Objectives: Learn the names of animals that live in the sea and some of their unique characteristics with the help of this ESL kids lesson. Spark curiosity in the lives of [...]

Unit 2 : Planting a Flower Kids English Lesson

Unit 2: Planting a Flower Objectives: Learn to use adverbs of sequence to describe a process. Teach EFL/ESL learners the names of flowers and vocabulary related to planting and growing crops. To teach kids English [...]