Classroom Commands

  • Language Objectives: To learn to give and follow instructions using the imperative form. Imperative forms are used for requests and commands.
  • Vocabulary:  commands - sit, stand, hands, clap, stamp, feet, up, down

What's this?

  • Language Objectives: Learn to use demonstrative pronouns (this/that) to ask about names of classroom supplies which are near and far.
  • Vocabulary:  stationery and school supplies - pencil, pen, ruler, eraser, paper, book

What's your name?

  • Language Objectives: Learn to introduce yourself in English. To learn to ask and answer questions about personal information.
  • Vocabulary:  Possessive adjectives - my, yourProper nouns - Bob, Freddie, Lisa & Sally.

What color is this?

  • Language Objectives: Learn to describe things using colors.
  • Vocabulary:  red, yellow, blue, black, orange, brown, green, purple, pink. Common nouns - apple, pear, dog, car, banana, carrot, peach, pen, etc.

How are you?

  • Language Objectives: Learn to greet people and ask about their well-being. After this lesson, learners should be able to greet friends in English.
  • Vocabulary:  good, morning, how, you, today, fine.

What animal is this?

  • Language Objectives:  Learn to ask and respond to close-ended questions in the most basic form. Learn to ask about animals on a farm and to express like.
  • Vocabulary:  farm animals - dog, cat, pig, cow, duck.

What fruit is this?

  • Language Objectives: Learn to ask and respond to close-ended questions in the most basic form. Learn to ask about fruits and expressive preference.
  • Vocabulary:  fruits – apple, lemon, orange, banana, pineapple, peach, avocado.

It has two big eyes.

  • Language Objectives:  Learn to use simple adjectives to describe nouns. Describe body parts using very simple adjectives.
  • Vocabulary:  body parts – eyes, ears, mouth, nose, arms, legs, foot. Adjectives – big/small, short/long, two

This is my father.

  • Language Objectives:  Learn to introduce other people using simple sentences. Learn to identify and talk about family members.
  • Vocabulary:  family members – father, mother, grandpa, grandma, brother, sister, aunt, uncle